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Gregory Charles

Meet Gregory Charles,
the Aussie Relationship Guru

Gregory Charles has mastered several areas of expertise. He will open and enlighten you to who you are, to your best version and expression of you, to have the best life you can have.

Being with him is an experience in powerful humanity, laughter, integrity, commitment, compassion and so much more that has uplifted the lives of some 50,000 people around the world who have attended his seminars, talks and lectures.

Over the past 35 years of world travel, study, research, exploration, and living his life to the full, he has astonished social and business leaders, academics, professionals, and others in a dozen countries with his wisdom and knowledge, simplicity, genius, clarity, humanity and availability. Gregory has met heads of State, been embraced by the Dalai Lama and had his hand kissed by a Pope.

Traveling, living, and studying in many countries, he has merged the best of the knowledge of the East and West – of traditional and alternate approaches – to everyday realities and to have Life be all it can be. He has created a body of knowledge that teaches people how to become Masters by learning to master more and more aspects of their own lives.

Gregory’s wisdom has helped heal and enhance tens of thousands of lives in all arenas – love and relationships, business, family, finances, sexuality, health and wellbeing – to increase overall quality of life and spiritual meaning, direction and purpose.

He teaches people how to access, define, and create their best versions of themselves and the lives that they want, over and over and over again. This understanding of life is for everyone who wants more quality, and is committed to being the best human being they can be. Every religion, 36 countries, all political stripes, backgrounds and occupations have been represented by people attending his seminars, talks and lectures.

This has led to him being interviewed on national TV, radio and print media in Australia, New Zealand, America and the UK. Articles by him and about him have been published, including in Australian Newsweek. He has appeared on Good Morning America (and GM Australia, GM Aspen), MTV and the BBC.

Gregory has also been a Visiting International Lecturer at The London School of Economics, Henley-on-Thames Business School, CU Boulder and was a Consultant Faculty Member at UCLA teaching alternate healing.

We live in an age of almost incomprehensible change, and we are equally striving to adapt and grow to integrate all of this change. Gregory teaches us new ways to adapt, to handle the change, to embrace our growth with passion and excitement and to flow easily with ourselves in our ever-transforming lives.

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