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Frankie Boyer

Sixteen years ago, through natural health pioneer Burton Goldberg, Frankie came to realize that the industry around pharmaceuticals and prescription medications was not focused on true wellness. She made the decision to turn down drug company sponsorships, walking away from a very profitable source of money.

Frankie practices epigenetics, using food, meditation and supplements to enhance her health, wellness, and life.

Her show supports that approach, and by introducing concepts, guests and products, she’s helping them to understand the concept of holistic wellness. You are what you eat, drink, use, think, experience (including art, music). The goal is balance.

She focuses on this intensively in her health show. On her BizTalkRadio lifestyle show, she’s able to introduce health-oriented ideas and lifestyle products to a more business-oriented audience focused on energy, performance, youthfulness, anti-aging, and personal success.

Frankie works with sponsors whose products she believes in and supports, and she brings products passionately to life.

WCRN Radio 830 AM:
Health Show: One hour, three times a week (Tue/Wed/Thu) on WCRN, a 50,000 wat station out of Boston that reaches throughout Massachusetts and into Rhode Island, Maine, and Connecticut. WCRN / Boston / Worcester – “News and talk radio for New England”


BizTalk Radio Show:
The Lifestyle Show: Monday – Thursday, 11-12 – one hour, with 4 segments in each show, an eclectic and diverse combination of books/authors, celebrities, health topics, and more.

NEW The Canna/CBD Show: Friday’s 11-12 – one hour dedicated to interview businesses on the cutting edge of this new emerging arena. We have professionals from physicians and educators, to new business opportunities!

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