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Ezra Stanley

Ezra grew up as an actor for Film, TV, Radio, and video games. He eventually ended up at San Francisco State University, one of the best film schools in the US. While completing his BA in Cinema, he was a teacher/facilitator of SFSU’s Experiential Learning course, a career integration course for graduate students in the educational and medical fields. He has been a guest speaker to kick off school openings for the Garifuna Coalition’s Youth Leadership program in Bronx, New York, that teaches Video and New Media to inner city children of Belizean and Garifuna descent. He is a biannual guest speaker at his alma mater college preparatory Lowell High School in San Francisco at their Video Production Class. He has also been a guest speaker at Impact Academy of Arts and Technology in Hayward, California at their Career Day.

He enjoys giving back to his communities by being invited to speak at schools, where students and audiences are curious about his career and life paths, which allows him to simply share about his passions rather than holding a boring lecture. He absolutely loves to speak with all ages, but most importantly young adults who are at the beginning of choosing their careers, where doubt, fear and societal pressures immediately shape their choices. For those who are a bit more mature in age, he enjoys speaking about working as a writer-director and creating highly visual highly engaging award winning work while dealing with the egos of everyone on set. With that comes his knowledge and desire to share what it is to take care of one’s mind and body while working under extreme pressure, dealing with multiple artists, making sure that all involved want to successfully deliver a commercial, music video, ad, or film. 

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