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Ann Fry

Ann Fry is a beacon for change. An advocate for people having amazing lives, she’s also committed to happiness and fulfillment. Unconventional, frank, warm and funny, she challenges people to go beyond their limits.

Ann combines more than thirty years of experience as a psychotherapist, health care administrator, college professor, executive coach, author, facilitator, consultant, speaker and MOM to relate to audiences of all kinds – from board room executives, wanting to reinvent their culture to everyday people looking to reinvent their lives.

A pioneer and transformational agent, Ann helps people to continually reinvent themselves, and to find passion and purpose. She is committed to creating a world where people make a difference for others as a way of life.

More recent reinventions include selling everything at age 60 and moving from TX to NYC for a new adventure AND then, unexpectedly, dealing with breast cancer … on her own, in the Big Apple. In 2015, Ann returned to Austin to be closer to her son and to escape the brutal winters in NYC. She travels from Austin.

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