TalksGive is a speakers bureau devoted to expanding impact beyond the microphone by giving back to our communities with each talk given. A donation of 10% of every speaking fee is made to support a nonprofit close to the heart of your speaker, compounding the influence of your event beyond your attendees and into the world. We believe that words are not enough to inspire action, but they’re a great start. What better way to motivate audiences than to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak, and directly enable others to act on the need they see in the world.

Your job simplified. As an event planner and organizer, we realize you have a lot on your plate. So, let’s talk about how we can make your life simpler.


Our speakers are vetted by accomplishment in their field and their ability to inspire. Our high standards ensure that you are hiring someone excellent


With a mission to inspire and motivate people of all sorts, we realize the variety in levels of resources available to different organizations. Contact us, and we can help you find a speaker that will fit your budget without compromising quality.


From consulting with us about finding your speaker, to speech delivery, we’re here to simplify your job at every stage of the process.

Our Story

After years of inspiring hundreds of people through his talks, Brett A. Cenkus (AKA “The Right-Brained Business Lawyer”) realized the lack of truly inspirational, affordably priced public speakers.

He saw that most people either struggled to find an outstanding motivational speaker, or didn’t have the money to pay them. As a result, they ended up either quitting their hunt for a motivational speaker, or had to compromise on their standards of quality and ended up with an uninspiring event.

To solve this problem, Brett handpicked some of the best motivational speakers in different fields and gathered them on one platform that he named TalksGive.

Regardless if your event is related to business, health, relationships or politics, you’ll find speakers at our site that are not only qualified to talk about these topics in meaningful ways, but are also within your reach.

Our purpose is to give back to our society for as long as we continue to inspire and motivate people.

We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to succeed. We see that many people have a desire to prosper and achieve their potential, but have just never been given the opportunity or direction.

To support this belief, we have made it our policy to donate a portion of our speaking fees to charity organizations. Through this act, we ensure that our company maintains its founding principles to give talks that give back.

Interested in hiring a motivational speaker AND giving back to society?